Big Data is leading to new dimensions beyond comprehension

Big Data is leading to new dimensions beyond comprehension

Have you been aware that humanity started into 2013 with a worldwide data volume of over two Zetta-Byte (two trillion byte), and this is only the beginning of much greater data volumes in the future, a statement made by the German Association of the internet economy (eco) in Cologne

Dr. Béla Waldhauser, head of the competence group (KG) Datacenter Infrastructure within eco, stated: “Human beings collect in this digital century data in a squirrel like manner leading to a doubling of the worldwide data stored and big data will be created in “Fantasy-billion volume”.

If today’s data volume would be compiled on iPads and piled-up, it would reach the length of the Chinese Wall (around 21000 km). If we are to continue, within two years the iPad wall will surround the globe to home all the data stored. There is no sight that this process is not to continue.

The new Standard Internet Protocol v6 allows up to 340 Sextillions IP-addresses and this would be sufficient to provide for each insect on earth with its own IP address. However, instead of insects we provide such addresses – connected with the worldwide web – for household commodities, spare parts, apparels or food stuffs.  The so called Web of Things where with chips and sensors enriched goods, packages and labels will communicate directly with each other will push Big Data in orders we don’t yet even have a name for.

Eco has been founded 15 years ago and represents the interest of the German internet community in politics and international forum. It has more than 650 company members and eco is forming the web by development of markets, the enhancement of technologies and framework. Its network of competence is catering to infrastructural questions, legal and supervisory aspects, innovative applications and content management.

One of the next issues of TextileFuture’s Newsletter will cater more to the development of Big Data and the challenges involved for all stakeholders.

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