Higher average salary in Chinese Shenzhen

Higher average salary in Chinese Shenzhen

On May 23, 2013 Shenzhen Municipal Human resources and Social Security Bureau announced that the average monthly salary actually stands at CNY 4104, or 5.45 % more than in 2012

A salary guide for private schools (primary, secondary and kindergartens) has also been added.

Salary entails the full salary, including the pre-tax remuneration paid by an employer directly o its staff members, and covers time- and piece-rate wage, bonus, allowance and subsidy, overtime pay, and wage paid under special circumstances. However salary guide is not the standard pay of enterprises as enterprises and (official declaration) “their employees may negotiate and fix their salary level and standards in the light of reality and within reason”.

The city’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau stated that in 2013 the highest average monthly pay rate was CYN 24389 m(-5.58 %), the medium CNY 3248 (+5.22 %), the lowest CNY 1715 (+7.81 %) and the average CNY 4104 (+5.45 %).

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