EFTA ministers will sign new FTA’s and cooperation agreements

EFTA ministers will sign new FTA’s and cooperation agreements

EFTA the European Free Trade Association – entailing Island, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, will be signing on June 24-25, 2013 at their ministerial conference in Trondheim (N) new FTA’s Foreign Trade Agreements and cooperation decöarations

The FTA’s to be signed are with Costa Rica and Panama, as well as with Bosnia and Herzegovina to deepen the economic trade relationships with these countries. The cooperation declarations are signed with Nigeria and Myanmar to institutionalise an intensification of economic ties.

The will take note of the progress of the negotiations for a FTA with India, the members of the Custom Union Russia/Belarus/ Kazakhstan, and Indonesia and Vietnam. They will also discuss the exploratory work with other potential FTA partners such as Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Algeria, the Mercosur States Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Pakistan.

Also in the focus will be an exchange of opinions regarding the development of trade relations of EFTA with countries outside of the EU.


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