Bio-stimulating Fitness Denim Active Shape

Bio-stimulating Fitness Denim Active Shape

Active ShapeGerman Atelier Gardeur, the trouser specialist, presents in it Spring/Summer collection 2014 Active Shape, an exclusive fitness innovation for women

The new bio-stimulating jeans for women entails body activating properties, is based on the worldwide patented fibre Emana® from Rhodia. It absorbs natural body heat thanks to its bioactive minerals and emits remote infrared rays interacting with the body, which leads to a bio stimulating of metabolism, promotes circulation and is acting as a daily workout.

Active Shape jeans enjoy a great wear comfort, pleasant feel and easy care properties. On top they are breathable and moisture regulating. The body activating effect also remains fully intact even after many washes.

The independent laboratory Kosmoscience has attested the stimulating effects in numerous, medically supervised tests, and all under strict scientific protocols. The laboratory effected thermal imaging and Doppler analyses, molecular fluorescence stimulation and 3D photo-scans. In order to tap the figure firming effects of the fibres, the fabric must be in direct touch with the skin. In particular, trousers offer the best prerequisites due to the large area of direct skin contact they are offering.    

Active Shape is available as blue denim in two washes, starting to be delivered as of January 2014 and as colour denim in twelve colours, deliverable as of February 2014. 

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