Italian Texgiulia becomes Rieter rotor yarn licensee

Italian Texgiulia becomes Rieter rotor yarn licensee

Com4rotor_License_Texgulia_IMG_ebe2288ed7The Italian company is committed to yarn quality spun on Swiss Rieter rotor machines R 60 and the company is now a Rieter Com4 yarn licensee for rotor yarns. The official ceremony took place already in mid March at the company’s headquarter in Rovellasca-Como

The company forms part of the Italian Gabel Group and is a fully integrated spinning plant and specialises as one of the leading manufacturers in bedding and home textiles in Italy, where also the entire added value – from yarn production up to product sales and own distribution network  – is created.

With the acquisition of further Rieter R 60 rotor spinning machines the plant has now sufficient capacity to manufacture also for third parties, whereas up to now it was self sufficient. The Com4 rotor yarn license offers Texgiulia the optimal promotion platform to gain new customers for its high quality yarns and to develop future customer relations.

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