Lenzing debuted with new fibre development at Techtextil

Lenzing debuted with new fibre development at Techtextil

Austrian Lenzing presented at Techtextil in Frankfurt a new flame resistant fibre especially for use in upholstery fabrics in public transportation vehicles

fr-botanic-safety-seat-basissujet2-lay-83As we are all well aware, guidelines applying to public transportation systems are particularly strict. Fabrics and materials used for such applications need to satisfy these safety standards. The newly launched Lenzing FR® fibre is able o meet all these rules. It is made from beech wood and is endowed with all the properties this natural fibre is offering. The special trick of the Lenzing FR® fibre, also named “divan fibre” is that the seating “climate” remains excellent even over longer distances thanks to the excellent breathing properties of the fibre. The fibre doesn’t melt, drip or show afterglows in comparison to conventional protective fibres. Especially afterglow offers a high degree risk for passengers. The flame resistant fibre delivers also a lower rate of toxicity and flue gas density in the event of a fire.

The new “divan” fibre is well suited for blending with wool. Both fibres complement each other in an almost perfect way, such as resistance to fading and excellent pilling performance, coupled with durability. It makes such upholstery a pleasant seating experience. Wool does not to be treated with ecologically harmful flame retardant agents, this allows another production advantage.

Wherever safety and comfort are in demand, the new Lenzing fibre FR® answers the call whether it is for maritime or rail or air transportation, subways  or in public spaces such as cinemas and theatres.   


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