Portuguese Mundotextil acquires Thies iMaster F dyeing machines

Portuguese Mundotextil acquires Thies iMaster F dyeing machines

Portuguese Mundotextil (terry towelling specialist) has acquired two German Thies iMaster F dyeing machines for 24/7 applications and because of winning contracts with worldwide customers seeking an alternative to Asian suppliers

Each of the installed machines has a capacity of 400 kg, together with two 25 kg Thies mini-soft sampling units. The order was placed with the local distributor Joao Sampai, and it marks the start of an on-going modernisation programme to replace up to eight older Portuguese brand dyeing machines. The new Thies machinery is meeting demand with increased production accompanied with significant savings on energy, water and chemicals.

IMG_1603 (Large)The recently introduced iMaster F series dyeing machines have been designed particularly for heavy pile fabrics, such as terry towelling, ensuring economic and environmental operation with advanced automation, and at low liquor levels as low as 1:4 for cotton.

The system features a large transport winch inside the dyeing kier to be processed with significantly reduced elongation. This results in an improved stability, perfect fabric conditions and appearance. The machine is also able to process a wide range of different articles. It is equipped with a 100 % stock tank, a dosing tank and delivery system for dry salt, the machine is optimised for the production of terry articles. The automatic self cleaning filter systems assist to achieve reproducible dyeing and treatment conditions every time. Manual interventions for cleaning are reduced and productivity increased. Dyecontrol allows the visual display of the treatment curves to control the liquor clarity as well it permits the determination of the dye exhaust from the liquor.

The dyer recognises if and when the dyes migrate from the aqueous phase to the fibre. During rinsing bath saturation can be determined, all allowing program steps to be shortened and sequences to be programmed more efficiently, leading transparent and optimised treatment processes.

Mundotextil’s range of terry towelling, majorly in jacquard, and with weights of 300 – 1500 g/m2 is handled by the iMaster F at reduced liquor ratios of 1:5 as compared to the older units. It offers also increased flexibility by easily adapting to mixed weight loads in the 400 kg capacity units. Mundotextil ranges include towels, bath robes, bath mats, beach towels and sleepers, as well as a “hotel line” for worldwide distribution, exporting virtually 98 % of production. The company is one of the leading producers in Europe, founded in 1975, with a turnover of EUR 38 million in 2012 and a planned turnover of EUR 42 million in the ongoing year. In 1992 the company became vertical and is controlling yarn spinning, jacquard weaving and dyeing. In 2006 the company had initiated an expanded logistics programme to serve European and American markets, together with the launch of specialised chain stores in Portugal, Germany and Central Europe.

Currently Mundotextil undertakes trials with Earth towel, a 100 % environ friendly towel, produced with enzymes, eliminating the use of chemicals. It also offers further reductions in processing times, water and energy consumption. Enzymes are used in the whole process starting with the preparation until the finishing without any additional chemicals. It is anticipated that the new fabric will save an estimated 20m3 of water/t of fabric – the equivalent of 100000 m3 of water per year for a medium sized textile mill.


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