German Reifenhäuser group acquires Italian Nuova Protex

German Reifenhäuser group acquires Italian Nuova Protex

German Reifenhäuser group (plastics processing machinery) is acquiring – after 25 years of cooperation – the Italian winder manufacturer Nuova Protex as of June 1, 2013

Reimotec Monofilament-Präzisions-Wickler_WinderNuova Protex is a specialist for more than 40 years in designing and manufacturing take-up winding systems for synthetic fibres, such as mono- and multi-filaments, raffia, flat tape and strapping tape as well as supplementary components. Reimotex offers complete production lines, engineering services an extensive process technology and knowhow. Close customer relationship and personal face to face contact, focused economic performance and state-of-the-art products are the qualities the company’s customers are expecting. According to in-house information, Reimotec enjoys a market leader position in the area of monofilament and strapping tape lines.

The new company will operate under the name Reimotex Winding Technology as part of Reimotex product range of monofilament, artificial turf and strapping tape lines. Reimotec Winding Technology is specialised over 35 years in designing and manufacturing Take-up Winder systems for all types of synthetic fibres offering specifically tailored and optimised solutions to customers’ requirements.

The current managing director of Nuova Protex will keep his position and the existing team is taken over and makes ensures that customers will be offered tailored solution in the quality they are used to. Reimotec Winding Technology will focus on the development of innovative winder technology.

Reifenhäuser Group with six Business Units is – according to in-house information the world’s leading manufacturer of plastics processing machinery. 2012 the three German sites generated revenues of EUR 450 million and employed around 1200 persons. The company is family run and was founded in 1911, it is managed today in the third generation by brothers Bernd, Klaus and Ulrich Reifenhäuser.

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