BASF acquires specialty nano-layer company

BASF acquires specialty nano-layer company

On June 6, 2013 BASF (chemicals) acquired all shares of the German technology firm Deutsche Nanoschicht GmbH founded in November 2011 by major shareholder Dr. Michael Bäcker, operative since January 1, 2012

The acquired company has developed an innovative chemical coating process to produce high temperature superconductors for efficient current conduction. For BASF this marks a major step forward in E-Power Management growth field. Chemical solution deposition may form the base for developing new solutions for energy technology and electronics. BASF and Deutsche Nanoschicht are jointly planning to bring this innovative technology to market.

The developed process is also of interest to manufacture thin layers of a broad range of materials, key elements to electrical components, and those can be produced in a more energy-efficient manner and by offering improved properties.

The superconductor technology is not used only in the field of generators and motors but as well as power grids in urban areas. Their current carrying capacity is high as compared to copper, extremely compact and lightweight systems become an option in electrical engineering. It could be also interesting to assist the production of smart functional textiles and in the medical textile field.

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