Innovative Austrian Lenzing celebrates 75 years of existence

Innovative Austrian Lenzing celebrates 75 years of existence

Last week, Austrian Lenzing (high quality man-made cellulose fibres for the global textile and nonwovens industry) celebrated its 75th anniversary in presence of 3000 invited guests formed by employees, customers, business partners, and politicians.75-years-of-innovation-left

As it is customary, a book “75 Years of Innovation” has been launched at this occasion and documents Lenzing’s role as a driving force of innovation in the industry. Some of the developments are documented and can be had  from the first link below. A visit of the Lenzing production in the 1950s or 1960s is available as video presentation (voice comment in German only).

Some decades ago, more than 30 viscose fibre production plants were existing in Europe, today only two remained, and one of it is the internationally operating Lenzing Group. According to in-house information, the Austrian company has emerged as a global player as well as market and technology leader for man-made cellulose fibres. Lenzing fibres were once a cheap substitute for cotton, but meanwhile they emerged to highly sought-after premium products of renewable raw material of wood and environmentally friendly production. Lenzing brought the more than 100 year old viscose technology to new heights. The company has developed TENCEL®, a completely new and forward looking technology also shaping the cellulose fibre industry in the coming decades. 75 years ago Lenzing manufactured 30’000 t of fibres annually, and soon the level will reach 900000 t.

Lenzing Group is also the home of the world’s leading research centre for cellulose and fibre chemistry at its site. It has around 170 employees to further develop products and manufacturing technologies. The company owns around 1400 patents and patent applications in 57 countries. Annually the company spend around EUR 28 million for R&D activities. An important aim is to develop ecological production methods and sustainable products with increasingly for increasingly specialised areas of application. TENCEL® remains the focal point of Lenzing’s R&D activities. In addition to three plants, Lenzing also operates three pilot facilities where new applications for TENCEL® fibres are developed and tested in a semi industrial environment. Currently a fourth factory is under construction at Lenzing site in Upper Austria with an investment of more than EUR 130 milllion, production take-up is provided for 2014.

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