Some more on ShanghaiTex

Some more on ShanghaiTex

We have reported on TextileFutures  Event Calendar on the facts of ShanghaiTex (June 10 – 13, 2013) at New International Exposition Centre in Shanghai (PRC) as well as in some news items on exhibitors. We add now a few more exhibitors and what novelty they will present

med_00001361_1365497362_shanghaitex_vo-lc_mittel_zoomGerman Groz-Beckert will be present in Hall W1/B20 and will present for knitting a High Speed Solution possible by needle modification, large circular knitting machines can now produce at even higher speeds. The cheek geometry of the needles has been optimised and the speed at which the latch hits the hook has been sharply reduced. This results in less needle breakage and reduced wear but increasing productivity in the entire circular knitting process. Also showcased is VoLCTM needles for the highest requirements, as needed in seamless bodysize machines and for production of the finest-gauge knits. The new needle generation stands for perfection in precision. A world record gauge can be reached with the world’s finest knitting cylinder and finest precision parts, enabling textiles to be manufactured to the ultrafine gauge E90, really a new world record. In the weaving section Groz-Beckert presents WarpMaster, the fully automatic drawing-in machine allowing maximum flexibility combined with minimum setup time. The product is microprocessor controlled and is based on powerful multiphase motors, solenoids and sensors. Additionally parented is KnotMaster, tying machines with impressive technology and easy operation for all kinds of different applications. Customers benefit from rapid warp changes and shorter downtimes, leading to more efficiency in weaving preparation. In the nonwovens area the company showcases EcoStar felting needle, a universal felting needle responding to almost all requirement. It is the first result of the far reaching innovation initiative. In comparison to standard needles it offers users improved surface quality of the final product, as well as longer service life, less energy consumption and fibre transportation with lower penetration force while retaining the same level of efficiency. Also shown is the twisted felting high precision machine needle with precision components and precision tools for the value chain. The newly launched twisted felting needle offers high tear resistance.

German Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik is presenting the latest innovations of warp knitting and warp preparation machinery in hall W1/E01 (744 m2). It will showcase its latest developments in  lace and tricot machinery sections, among the high performance of its new 4-bar TM 4 EL tricot machine. Further can be seen the double bar Raschel machines and in Warp Preparation its new elastic direct warper DSE 21/21 EC. Compared to the top performance model, the new machine produces beams with smaller maximum diameters and its performance is intended to basic requirements. In addition various yarn tensioners will be fitted to a demonstration creel and also shown is a SMS size box.










French Verdol (Reyes Group) will show one of the most complete ranges of technologies and machinery for the Processing of Filament yarns. Unfortunately, we do not dispose of more details.

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