Fashion niche for Muslim Women online in the USA

Fashion niche for Muslim Women online in the USA

Muslim women in America have long struggled to find clothes satisfying both their fashion sense and religious sensibilities can now find appropriate clothing online

Islam views on modesty require women to wear loose fitting clothes covering most of their bodies, trendy and fashion forward clothes found in mainstream stores have not often been a viable option for Muslim women. This is now changing. In the U.S. and around the world, up-and-coming designers are creating a new niche in the fashion world inspired by Islam’s guidelines for modesty. They are successfully fusing current fashion trends with modest designs to create a distinct and modern look for Muslim women in the West.

According to some experts and media reports, the Muslim fashion industry is estimated to be worth USD 96 billion worldwide and is rapidly growing. The driver behind this growth is a generation of young confident Muslims who are embracing their faith with confidence.

Sisters Bayan and Amny Jondy of Northern Virginia (USA) are just one example. Their online company, Zeena, is one of the leading clothing lines for Muslim women in America.

Launched in 2011, Zeena has opened up a world of opportunity for Muslim women by offering fashionable sportswear, swimwear and professional attire that maintain a sense of modesty. Zeena has empowered such women to take on activities they have feld self-conscious about in the past such as hitting the gym, venturing out on the water or even climbing the corporate ladder.


Amany Jondy, co-owner of Zeena declares: “We started Zeena, because we truly believed that Muslim women could be loyal to both their religious and American identities. In all our years of shopping and shopping, we never quite found a dependable designer offering modern and modest clothes that expressed our American identity”.

Zeena, LLC makes demure clothing for women all over the world. The company’s name means “natural beauty”, and its exclusively designed clothing enhances the natural beauty that every woman possesses. The first line of elegant, modern designs was launched in spring of 2011, with new product launches every season since.

TextileFuture adds that the potential niche market is certainly welcomed by fabric manufacturers, because these loose fitting clothes covering most of the bodies of Muslim women needs more fabrics than other “normal” fashion items. Therefore these customers add to the growing need of clothing people according to their desire to be fashionable and according to their special circumstances, in this case it is religiously motivated and adding to fabric consumption worldwide, as we are well aware not only in their original Islamic home countries but also where they have been setting up their homes in western countries.

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