DyStar bestows Inaugural CEO Award for sustainablility

The winners of the annual award scheme linked to DyStar’s Sustainability Program “Caring for the Future” (introduced in 2011) has been bestowed. DyStar is a coloration specialist for the textile and leather industries

The inaugural winners are Wuxi Production Site for executing the best sustainable production practise by delivering high value products. The second winner is DyStar’s China sales offices and laboratory for the implementation of several programs to reduce the consumption of electricity and water on a continuing basis.

The criteria leading to this choice are leadership, teamwork, communication, capacity building motivation, and integration of sustainable production practices into daily operations.

The Award recipients announced implemented specific initiatives in four critical areas: water. Energy, Waste and CO2 emissions, and have achieved reduction targets in line with DyStar’s overall 20 % reduction target by 2020.

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