What to expect from Techtexil/Texprocess 2013 in Frankfurt (D)

What to expect from Techtexil/Texprocess 2013 in Frankfurt (D)

Techtextil, in combination with Texprocess in Frankfurt, Germany (June 11 – 13, 2013 at Messe Frankfurt) has established itself as the leading international trade fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens. At this edition well over 1250 exhibitors, including all the world’s leading manufacturers, will participate. TextileFuture let you know in a summary what to expect in view to novelties and innovations in the different fields of applications.

Techtextil experiences a growth across all countries and regions, for instance the number of German exhibitors, also from Italy, India and Turkey has increased as compared to the last event in 2011. The number of pavilions has increased by two and totals 13 exhibitor nations. In addition to Belgium, China, France, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, the Czech Republic and the USA, Great Britain, India and Croatia are also represented at the actual edition of the fair.

The exhibitors with the biggest exhibition stands include J Dewhurst, Elmatex, Gerber Technologies, Groz-Beckert, Heathcoat Fabrics, Hyosung, IBENA, Johns Manville, Kordsa Global, Lenzing, Mehler Texnologies, Oerlikon Textile, PHP Fibers, Georg Sahm, Salteks, Sandler, Sattler, Sioen, S.M.R.E., Teijin Aramid, Thrace Plastics, Toray International Europe, Trützschler Nonwovens, TWE Vliesstoffwerke Emsdetten and Wirth Fulda.

As to product groups, the most number of exhibitors are to be found in woven fabrics, laid webs, braidings, knitted fabrics, as well as technology, processes and accessories, coated textiles and fibres and yarn. Another segment exhibitors are favouring represent functional apparel textiles. The five biggest areas of application for Techtexil products are Indutech, Mobiltech, Buildtech, Hometech and Protech.

According to the organisers, Messe Frankfurt, trade visitors can expect to find an outstanding, multi-faceted and international spectrum of textile materials, including fibres and yarns, coated textiles and textile technologies for all different technical applications. The range of information offered is supplemented by Techtextil and Avantex Symposiums.

There is also a new exhibitor search engine online for all trade visitors to find useful formation on the exhibitors and the complementary programme in advance and to allow optimum preparations for their visit, or during the visit.

Together with Texprocess (June 10 -12, 2013) numerous synergies can be realised to the benefit of visitors and exhibitors.

From over 80 entries, a jury of renowned experts selected seven winners and one honourable mention for the Techtextil Innovation Prize and two projects for the Avantex Innovation Prize. The award winning products cover all areas of applications for technical textiles and prove the innovative power and variety. All award winning companies will be honoured during the official opening ceremony in the Congress Centre Messe Frankfurt on June 10, 2013.

In the “New applications” category there are four projects bestowed: The Institute for Textile and Process Technology, Denkendorf, four German companies TAO Trans-Atmospheric Operations £GmbH, TINNIT Technologies GmbH, Wagner Tragwerke and Arnold Group, and Blum Laboratory have succeeded in producing an energy-autarkic textile membrane construction based on the fur of a polar bear. The Italian companies D’Appolonia and ZipLast, AIMPLAS Instituto Tecnològico del Plastico and Industrial Sedò from Spain, the Spanopoulos Bros. Group from Greece and the Czech company Safibra developed “REFRESH”, a textile based water bag, allowing the transport of large quantities of fresh water by sea. Swiss EMPA research institute jointly with Swiss Paraplegic Centre and Schoeller Textil AG developed a new type of medical bed sheet for decubitus ulcer prevention (TextileFuture has published more details in its NEWS)- Belgian exhibitor Beaulieu Technical Textiles was selected for its product “Ökolys”, a woven, bio-degradable and compostable agro textile that combats weeds and protects the soil.

In the ”New Technologies” category, the German exhibitor LIBA Maschinenfabrik was selected for its new “multi-compact” woven fabric. The honourable mention goes to the Textile Research Institute of the State of Saxony for their circular woven fabric with variable cross section.

Two prize winning projects were elected in the “New Materials” category: Massebeuf Textiles, Bluestar Silicones and MB Texinov from France for their jointly developed silicone based warp knitted textiles remarkable for the elasticity of its structure and its excellent resistance to temperature changes. Devean Chemicals from Belgium has developed a new masterbatch formula for dyeable and printable polypropylene, which for the first time ever, enables the fibre to be coloured by conventional processes.

The winners of the Avantex Innovation Prize in the “New Processes” categories are the Textile Research Institute Thuringia-Vogtland, Germany for a new and fully automated process for manufacturing luminous textiles, with embedded LEDs. The manufacturing technology, which was developed in collaboration with Tajima enables the completely automated assembly of building components on a textile base. CEA-Leti/DSOS from France receive the second Innovation Prize in the “New materials” category for their innovative e-thread® technology, which incorporates electronic component materials in threads.

All innovations of the winners will be presented at Techtextil Hall 4.1, Booth J21 in view to Techtextil Innovation Awards, the winning innovations of Avantex Innovation Awards will be showcased at Hall 3.1, Booth B11.

This is just a small excerpt of what technical visitors can expect from Techtextil/Texprocess 2013 edition. TextileFuture has additionally provided a sort of a small pocket guide for some selected exhibitors in the textile machinery segment, also some Research Institutes and Textile Effects. You find the table below.

The products presented at Techtextil/Texprocess 2013 by selected producers

Company / Sector Exhibits (or  Information)

Clariant International
(Textile Effects)

Hall/Booth No. 3.0/B33

Halogen free Flame retardant solutions Pekoflam®; APPRETAN® E and APPRETAN ® NF, stability/resistance and by reducing or eliminating the release of formaldehyde; Fluorine-free chemistry for durable water repellency Arkophop® FFR; Repellency and release with PFOA-free (below of detection) C6 chemistry Nuva®N.

Comez (knitting machines, Technical Textiles applications) (The company has combined its application fields with Jakob Müller and therefore the machines of both companies will be jointly presented)

Hall/Booth No. 3/J06

COMEZ DNB/EL-32 electronic double needle bed wear knitting machine for an extremely broad range of articles for technical (netting for sports equipment and food industry, high resistance ribbons in special fibres, ribbons and fabrics for applications in the geo-textile, automotive, building and industrial areas) and medical use (tubular elastic netting, emergency bandages and dressings, disposable underwear), as well as for footwear (spacer fabrics for uppers).

Lindauer Dornier (weaving machinery)

Hall/Booth No. 3.0/D01

The company is well known for its versatile rapier and air-jet weaving machines, but it specialises more and more in machine developments for woven products and by meeting the highest functional standards. Intensified development activities bring new results. In addition to the leno weaving process DORNIER EasyLeno® . The DORNIER Open Reed Technology (ORW) for “multiaxial” usage has been further developed allowing to integrate this technology in a wide variety of applications and has opened up new options in surface structures, all at improved functionality, for instance for lightweight construction, in the transport and construction industries or in general protection functions. Closed or straight fabric sturctures are being supplemented more and more by new, grid type multial structures and 3D Jacquard fabrics ,these can only be manufactured when all levels of the production process are synchronised in highest precision. DORNIER’s high-precision weaving machines form an important link in complex production processes. Processing “intelligent” yarns for function optimised fabrics, also heavy yarns, for instance for conveyor belts, are underlaying the Dornier standards. More efficient resource usage in the areas of materials and energy, as well as air consumption are the basics for Dornier’s development activities.

Freudenberg Nowovens (Nonwovens Product Solutions   and technology for six market segments: Apparel, Building and Automotive interiors, Energy Medical and Specialities)

Hall/Booth No. 3.1/F3.11

Apparel: Vilene® interlinings is a core competence, presented will be the latest innovation of its bi-elastic 3D shaping interlinings, guaranteeing an uncompromising perfect fit for women’s, men’s and boy’s outerwear; a new soft, light weight volume fleece Evolon, the micro filament fabric for bathrobes and sports towels is 50 % lighter than conventional material. It can absorb up to 450 % of its own weight. E-Mobility and energy: Lutraflor® for molded automotive carpets, interior trim and throw-in mats. Ultra-thin PET nonwovens coated with anorganic particles for separators in high-performance lithium-ion batteries, and Viledon® water blocking tapes. Medicine: Vilmed® range adding soft, skin-firendly, multi-elastic backing materials to the medical applications product portfolio, including high performance activated carbon filters for ostomy applications. Evolon® is here used in anti-allergy bedding. For a wide range of applications serve the newly developed bico fine-filament products with universal applications, such as finishing, coating, laminating and impregnating, also weldable, sealable and with high anti-abrasive properties.

Groz-Beckert  (automotive textiles “From Motion to Emotion”)

Hall/Booth No. 3.0/F03

Presentation of all locations inside a vehicle where textiles are playing a role. A latest genration Mercedes-Benz E Class station wagon (cutaway model Tex-car) showcases where fabrics, knits, nonwovens and textile joining technologies are applied. Another video presentation presents all that can be seen live at the booth. 

Hohenstein Institute Textile (testing and certification, laboratories)

Hall/Booth No. 3.1/B21

There will be a presentation of all available services. On June 12, 2013 the Oeko-Tex® Association will be presenting the Sustainability Award to outstanding companies, following the launch of the new STeP certification system for sustainable production takes place.

ITA Institute for Textile Technology of RWTH Aachen University

Hall/Booth No. 3.0/D05

Showcasing the latest research projects and expertise in the fields of energy, medicine, mobility, and security textiles with the following exhibis: Airlay carbon nonwoven (carbon staple fibres) for lightweight products, e.g. in the automotive industry; All4Rest sensorised mattress, measuring movements and temperature of a sleeping person, or to regulate heat in blankets, decubitus ulcer prevention, etc.; 3D woven omega stringer to be woven in a single step for highest degree of automatisation; textile fibre reinforced, tissue-engineered heart valve; horn gear for 3D-hexagonal braiding machines and electric bobbins; interactive illuminated pillow (interconnected matrix as a backbone for programmable LED chips); multi-axial weaving (Open Reed Weaving developed for LIndauer Dornier GmbH) for new woven fabric application; nano modified protection helmet made of an Organo sheet of Aramid with nano modified polyamide nanoparticles in the matrix fibres.TNCF Tailored non-crimp fabrics allowing the serial production of fibre reinforced plastics. Ultrasonic welded air chamber, a coated fabric creating a visually attractive airtight seam produced by cost effective and continuous ultrasonic welding process; metall free heat conductor (lightweight sandwich structure based on carbon fibres).

Karl Mayer (3D warp knitted noise insulation based on spacer textiles new sun-screenin system)

Hall/Booth No. 3.0/E18

Warp knitted spacer fabrics with acoustic properties is 35 mm thick, the spacer layer is made of monofilament yarn, the outer face from a textured yarn in order to provide effective sound absorption. The spacer textiles are produced on Karl Mayer’s HighDistance® machine HD 6 / 20-65 EL double-bar raschel machine, capable of producing spacer textiles in a thickness of up to 60 mm, also useable for 3D textiles by incorporating pile free tunnel zones, folds and use specific contours. Also presented is OMBRA-DLS® for sun screening systems, an elastic, warp knitted grid like textile, combining elastic warp yarns with slit-film yarns that are inserted from a magazine weft insertion unit.

Picanol (weavng machines)is presenting itself with SYMATEX, the Belgian Association of textile machinery manufacturers

Hall/Booth No. 3.0/D01

Since it is not permitted to present running machines, Picanol will prpare cutaway demo displays to offer visitors an idea of the technlogy Picanol is offering for Technical Textiles. Since the introduction of positive guided grippers and the new OMNIplus Summum at ITMA Barcelona in September 2011, the company achieved major breakthroughs in segments such as carpet backing, wide coating fabrics an conveyor belts, amongst others, as well in already established segments with innovations such as the ECOFILL waisteless system, the EFT programmable weft brakes and the new DWC backrest for industrial yarns.


Hall/Booth No. 3.0 /D05
Belgian Lounge

There will be a presentation of all available services. On June 12, 2013, the Oeko-Tex® Association will be presenting the Sustainability Award to outstanding companies. Following will be the launch of the new STeP certification system for sustainable products.

Sanitized AG (antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection for textiles and plastics)

Hall/Booth No. 3.0/J32

Launched will be two new advanced additives Sanitized® PL 12-32 formula for outdoor applications, such as awnings and tents, with excellent water resistance and UV stability. Further Sanitized®PL 12-33, characterised by high thermal stability, regardless of elevated temperatures during processing, and with the ability to retain product transparency, the perfect product for indoor applications such as flooring and furnishings. The two new products protect against the unwanted effects of microbes like bacteria, mold fungi, mildew, yeasts and algae, all of which can cause material destruction, unsightly stains, cross contamination, odor development and biofilm formation.

Ubifrance joint booth of French textile machinery manufacturers

Hall/Booth No. 3.1/B72

Over 70 French Textile machinery manufacturers, regional associations and research institutes present their latest products and services. The detailed list is downloadable from the link or available at the booth.

PDF French Exhibitors at Techtextil 2013

Source: Press Releases / TextileFuture June 2013 (on other exhibitors TextileFuture has already reported via separate features)

Please check also TextileFuture’s event calendar with latest updates!




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