US Albemarle and Chinese Senze Meilu form flame retardant joint venture

US Albemarle and Chinese Senze Meilu form flame retardant joint venture

Following its announced strategy to grow in emerging applications and regions Albemarle Corporation of Baton Rouge (USA), specialty chemicals, and Senze Meilu, of Shanxi (PRC) signed on May 14, 2013 an agreement to establish a joint venture company in Lvliang, Shanxi to manufacture a mineral flame retardant

Upon final approval from the relevant government authorities in China, the venture, Albemarle Senze Chemicals (Shanxi) Company, Ltd., will beuild and operate a new 50000 metric tons facility to manufacture MARTINAL® fine precipitated alumina trihydrate (ATH) flame retardants base on Albemarle’s proprietary technology, predominately used in wire and cable applications. Fine precipitated alumina trihydrate is an environmentally friendly, mineral b variety of polyolefin resins. By largest, fast growing application is in low smoke wire and cable applications within the energy sector, which is benefitting from rising energy consumption in China, as well as other rapidly developing economies throughout the Asia Pacific region. Other applications include polyvinyl chloride, thermosets, engineering thermoplastics, and rubber in a variety of electrical, construction and transportation applications

Senze seems to be the right partner, being back integrated into raw materials essential to efficient ATH production. The combination of Albemarle’s technology with Senze’s world scale bauxite and alumina production capabilities will make the joint venture a platform for success for both companies, stated Matt Juneau, Albemarle’s vice president, Polymer Solutions.

Production take-up is scheduled for mid 2015. Albemarle will be the majority stakeholder, and will market MARTINAL on behalf of the joint venture in the high growth Asia Pacific and Indian markets. Albemarle develops, manufactures and markets highly engineered specialty chemicals for consumer electronics, petroleum refining, utilities, packaging, construction, automotive, transportation, pharmaceuticals, crop protection, food safety and custom chemistry services to other segments. The company is committed to global sustainability and is advancing its eco-practices and solutions in its three business segments, Polymer Solutions, £Catalysts and Fine Chemistry. Corporate Responsibility Magazine selected Albemarle to its prestigious “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list for 2010, 2011 and 2013. It employs around 4300 people and serves its customers in around 100 countries.

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