Swiss Benninger group at ShanghaiTex

Swiss Benninger Group at ShanghaiTex

Swiss Benninger Group will be showcasing the BENNINGER-KÜSTERS DyePad Basic in Hall W3, Booth L51 at ShanghaiTex (June 10 -15, 2013) at New Convention Centre in Shanghai (PRC)

This padder has been specially designed for the needs of the Asian markets and is offering easy handling. Two swimming rollers ensure a maximum deflection potential and allow dyeing of knit and woven fabrics, without limitations. This type of dye pad is enjoying a market share in excess of 80 % in CPB dyeing.


Benninger offers a complete CPB dyeing station for knits and woven fabrics, and with this kind of dyeing allows that the reactive dye is fixed at room temperature. Modern CPB dyeing systems are controlling dyeing conditions as well as the developments of the dyes themselves. This method for cellulose fibres for woven fabrics and knitwear can be applied without any restriction anywhere in the world.

Despite the enormous efforts of machine designers to reduce the liquor ratio it remains as a fact that the finishing of knitwear in jet dyeing machines still requires large amounts of water and thus also energy. IN addition to quality benefits, the continuous open width finishing process also offers savings, particularly in terms of water and power consumption. Benninger’s bleaching and washing plants and the original BENNINGER-KÜSTERS DyePad suit this type of application to perfection.   


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