Worth Reading

Worth Reading

The growth of Medical and Hygiene Textiles

International Newsletters Ltd (GB) is releasing a new report in mid June on Medical and Hygiene Textiles: Initiatives for growth

The report is written by Paula Read, according to in-house information, an established and respected international journalist with many years’ experience in the Technical Textile industry. She is editing the monthly newsletter Biomedical Materials for over 20 years. Paula’s work has been published in many leading materials publications the world over.

The commercially available report (around 200 pages) will entail 45 case studies of major companies operating in the fields of medical textile and disposable hygiene product sectors. Also the changes in these industries over the past 10 years will be described and of course many other analytic aspects of the sectors. When placing a pre-order now, it will be honoured by a special price.

More can be had from the website below.


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