IT Security leaks by Design at German industrial sites

IT Security leaks by Design at German industrial sites

According to ISF Information Security Forum puts its sights on security leaks by design at many German industrial sites

This warning is based upon a survey of experts of the technical magazine c’t discovering security leaks in hundreds of German industrial sites.

DurbinSteve_GlobalVicePresident_InformationSecurityForum_newsroomSteve Durbin, ISF Global Vice President states “that these security leaks existing prove that IT security is not considered a key quality by authorities and businesses. Hackers have a relatively easy job to attack such installations. So far, there were no great incidents reported, but one should be aware of the potential of the problem”I

Most deficiencies in IT security arise because many companies and authorities make use of new technologies and methods without taking care of security aspects. These inherent risks are not controllable. There are two aspects that have to be changes: Firstly, the necessary attention to IT security has to be wakened. Secondly, there is a need to change the direction when developing new technical products and technologies. Security aspects have to be more considered than in the past. It is common practise to talk about the necessity to have “Security by Design”, but in reality “Insecurity by Design” is practised.

ISF has been founded in 1989 and is an independent, globally operating Non-Profit-Organisation for IT security, cyber security and risk management. Among its membership are renowned companies the world over. The aim of the organisation is to research, identify imminent IT security problems and by offering solutions and by developing Best Practice Methods, Processes and Solutions catering to the business needs of its members.

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