The first ever All Natural Cleaning Technology is launched

The first ever All Natural Cleaning Technology is launched

American Agaia Inc. headquartered in Florida, has launched a new revolution in “Green” that is changing how the planet cleans. With the release of the patent pending all natural technology Evolve®, the company has unleashed the intrinsic power of nature to clean, at a level previously achieved only by the use of toxic, petroleum-based chemicals, detergents, and solvents

Evolve® represents the next generation in cleaning technologies and is capable of delivering vastly superior results over chemical cleaners while offering an unprecedented new level of safety. According to in-house information, the new product is truly people planet and animal safe. The product is presently distributed in North, Central, and South America, Pan Asia, and starting in Europe in mid-2013. The company has partnered with and licensed Evolve® for private branding to a growing list of Fortune 100 and 500 companies and is experiencing explosive growth in all market segments.

Evolve’s Active-
Capture® technology proactively captures and breaks down or emulsifies, soils, odour causing bacteria, grease, grime and virtually all other unwanted contaminates at the molecular level in seconds, leaving no dangerous residues behind on the surfaces cleaned or in the environment. Aglaia’s CEO Benjamin Shell states: “The new product represents one of the most significant advances in cleaning in the last 100 years and it can be used by consumer, commercial and industrial strength products to clean everything from consumer households to commercial buildings, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, airports, and factories. In the vast majority of cases, Evolve® provides an increased level of clean that far outperforms results people are used to seeing from chemical cleaners. It delivers these results without contaminating our air, water, or land, and with zero health risks to people”.

Evolve® is manufactured exclusively from plants, vegetables, and other all natural ingredients grown in the USA, to create a truly eco-friendly cleaning technology small enough to penetrate and emulsify unwanted organic and petroleum based by-product quickly and easily while leaving sensitive surfaces like wood, fabric, and stone undamaged. Unlike chemical degreasers, detergents, and cleaners that use traditional chemistry to remove soils, the product utilises the same hydrogen bonding used by living organisms for respiration and reproduction to affect a powerful attraction to unwanted materials at the molecular level. When applied, Evolve® seeks out, surrounds, and captures contaminant molecules, locking unwanted materials into a readily biodegradable suspension, where nature takes over and naturally degrades everything. Once removed, contaminants are unable to recombine or redeposit on surfaces from which the have been removed. The patent application for the new product has been allowed by the US Patent and Trademark Office and is expected to publish shortly.

Studies in the U.S. have shown the extreme impact chemical cleaners have on human health and the environment. Inside air quality of the typical American home is on average two to five times more polluted than the air just outside. In extreme cases, it is a 100 time more contaminated, largely because of household cleaners and pesticides. A nationwide study by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in May 2002 revealed that nearly 70 % of the streams tested contained breakdown products of detergents, while 66 % contained disinfectants.

Cleaning products are the third largest category of substances reported by calls to poison control centres, with over 218000 calls made in 2005. The American Journal of Industrial Me reported in 2001 that janitorial workers have twice the rate of occupational asthma than other labour. A study on cleaning products and asthma in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in May 2003 concluded that about 12 % of work-related asthma cases can be linked to cleaning product exposure. Unlike chemical cleaners, Evolve® is hypoallergenic and is safe for everyone, including people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

Benjamin Shell declared: Not only are consumers, businesses, and industry looking for safer ways to clean, but consumer demand for environmentally responsible alternatives is growing rapidly. Study after study clearly shows that chemical cleaners are directly impacting our food supply, personal health, and workplace safety. Evolve ® is the first step towards achieving a chemical-free alternative on a very large scale”.

As a high performance, cost competitive, and safe alternative to chemical cleaners, Agaia anticipates that Evolve’s disruptive technology will have a direct impact on the USD 100 billion cleaning industry and how these companies manufacture cleaning and detergent products. The company offers nearly 100 Evolve products for the consumer, janitorial and housekeeping, commercial laundry, and marine markets, as well as heavy duty cleaners for industry and manufacturing. Agaia is also partnering with some of the largest companies in North America and internationally to solve their cleaning problems and lessen their environmental impact. Through private branding, the company anticipates the introduction by spring, 2014 of a new line of retail products for consumers based upon the Evolve® technology. Shell added:”We were very intentional in naming this new technology Evolve, because it is time that we evolve how we clean the planet. It is no longer necessary to rely upon harsh, poisonous chemicals to clean the world in which we work and live in. Consumers and companies alike are beginning to demand safe, renewable cleaning products and this Evolve® technology is providing”.

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