First Rieter Com4®Jet License in China

First Rieter Com4®Jet License in China

Chinese Yangtse Spinning Co.,Ltd, located around 100 km west of Shanghai has become Swiss Rieter’s first Chinese licensee for Rieter Com4®jet yarns

Hand_over_Yangtse_Com4_certificate_Press__49016Zhangjiagang Yangtse Spinning Co. Ltd. is a joint venture with German Südwolle GmbH & Co. KG and is considered in China as a premium yarn supplier. Yangtse is operating at the same high standard as all other Südwolle mills, meaning constant quality and high efficiency in production. The brand new installed complete Rieter air-jet spinning machine line is consisting of 14 J 20 air-jet spinning machines and the company produces Com4®jet yarns of high quality and perfect piecing. Its applications, such as 1090 % viscose, and yarn count Ne 30 -40 for knitting yarn of high quality is well received at premium quality customers. Rieter’s licensee is setting in China a new benchmark for air-jet yarn.

Rieter actively promotes the supply sources for licensed yarns and provides a direct link to the licensee at its website. Licensed customers can opt for the knowhow of Rieter specialists and by attending the Rieter Com4® yarn trading seminar. The customer develops its own marketing strategy and Rieter provides support.

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