New WTO Director General elected

The WTO World Trade Organisation’s General Council has appointed on May 13, 2013 Roberto Azevêdo as new Director General

CW7J8159He will succeed Pascal Lamy who was WTO Director General for the past eight years. As we all remember he was always an advocate of free global trade. However it was not possible to bring the Doha Round to final success. The new Director General Roberto Carvalho de Azevêdo, he has been a former minister in the Brazilian government and was afterwards Ambassador of Brazil at WTO. He is known for being a talented negotiator. His election came rather as surprise, because some member countries voiced the opinion that he has some protectionist ideas, at least in his former positions. His task will not be easy but observers are convinced that he will give WTO a new impetus and direction, including the organisational structure. His term starts September 1, 2013 and during the transition period he will closely work with Pascal Lamy.

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