Expanded range of three bar tricot machines

Expanded range of three bar tricot machines

German Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik has expanded its latest range of HK 3 series of its high speed three bar tricot machines and they are now available in three working widths

The latest versions of the HKS 3-M is now available in three widths of 180”, 130” and 210”. This extremely efficient and flexible machine is presented also with frames for carrying 40” warp beams, in the same enhanced version also the HKS 3-S, this machine has been known as HKS 3-1, and is now bearing an S for short stroke to fit with the nomenclature of HKS 3-M. The 210” version is on the market for some time, but now the HKS 3-S is now additionally on offer with working widths of 180” and 130”. The first machines will be available as of July 2013. In addition to the standard 3×32” frame, a frame for 3×40 warp beams will be come to the market at the same time.



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