New Pre Helsinki Finnish Fashion event

New Pre Helsinki Finnish Fashion event

Finnish fashion designers and professionals from various fashion fields have launched Pre Helsinki fashion event taking place May 22 – 25, 2013

tumblr_inline_mk0nmwNIT51qz4rgpThe newly created event is neither a traditional sales event, nor a fashion week. The focus is to promote the internationalisation and networking of designers and fashion brands and to discuss the new borderlines of fashion.

The event entails fashion shows and presentations, seminars and discussion sessions, as well as parties and visits to designers’ ateliers (see detailed programme by clicking on the link below).

The driving Finnish fashion labels are Ensaemble, Heikki Salonen, Laltinen, Marimekko, R/H Saara Lepokorpi, Sasu Kauppi, Siloa&Mook an SSAW and the team consists of Sofia Järnefelt, Mila Koski, Martta Louekari, Satu Maaranen and Vilma Pellinen. The main sponsor of the event is Mercedes Benz, others include Aalto University, Design Forum Finland and Finnish Foreign Ministry.

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