Clariant with first colour and trend forecasting guide for fibres and textiles

Clariant with first colour and trend forecasting guide for fibres and textiles

Swiss Clariant (specialty chemicals) has launched ColorForwardTM Interiors. It is its fist colour and trend forecasting tool and provides designers and producers of textile yarn and filaments with insights to what consumers will respond in 2014 and beyond. The new guide is based upon Clariant’s well accepted ColorForward colour directions

ColorForward has been introduced eight years ago and has helped define colours that can be expected to attract and move consumers in the future. This knowledge is the result of the collaborative effort of plastic colour specialists from North and South America, Europe and Asia in the global network of ColorWorksTM design & technology centres of Clariant ‘s Masterbatches Business Unit. The Clariant Materbatches Textile Group has now focused its specialised expertise to enahnce the ColorForward 2014 palette to assist customers in the fibre and yarn market in the same manner as the plastic industries before.

According to Francis Baud, Global Head of Marketing – Textiles for Clariant Masterbatches, “the coloured masterbatches for textile yarn and filaments are used by our customers during the spinning process, for the production of end products such as carpets, fabrics, furnishings and seat covers”. He adds: “Our expertise in colour, consumer habits, polymer science and fibre processing are very valuable to our customers and their designers when they select and combine colours during the initial phase of the creation of textile products”.


CLAPR648b_3530123_tnColorForward Interiors starts from a colour palette with four important societal trends (Keep it Real, Re/use/full, There to share, and Vamos Jogar Bola with the 2014 soccer championship in Brazil). Each trned theme is represented by five colours capturing the sprit and emotions behind. The palette is then doubled in size, to include complementary shades. Fabric and carpet designers tend to blend colours, merging bright hues with softer tones to create an overall colour effect making a singular impression on the eye, explains Judith van Vliet, designer at ColorWorks Europe/IMEA and a member of the ColorForward team. It allows 40 colours designers can mix and match in a creative and playful way.

Each colour is reproduced in nylon or polypropylene fibres that are formed into pompons stored in a presentation box. The pompons can be rearranged inside the box to create hundreds of combinations. The trend colours suggested what consumers may respond to in 2014, but how customers use them is totally up to them and ColorForward Interiors becomes only an inspirational tool.

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