Oerlikon Textile with more new orders and sales

Oerlikon Textile with record new orders and sales

Oerlikon Textile reports record order intake and sales in the first quarter of 2013

Oerlikon Textile, part of Oerlikon Corporation, reports in the first quarter of 2013 and with continuing operations only, as against the same period in 2012, an order intake increase of 10 % or from CHF 264 to CHF 290 million (new record) and sales increased 13 % or from CHF 272 million to CHF 307 million  (new record). Also the operational profit was on an uptrend and EBIT margin (excluding the sale of Arbon property) increased from 12.2 % to 15.8 %. The order backlog dropped 8 %, or from CHF 651 million to CHF 600 million but reaches far into 2014 and the first orders for 2015 are already on the books.  

The quarter was earmarked by high sales and orders from China and sales to the US and European markets improved thanks to the BCF (bulked continuous filament) technology for carpet yarn production.

As we recall, the divestment process of the Natural Fibres and Textile Components Businesses is well under way and its closing is expected in the second quarter of 2013. These figures are no longer included in the above figures.

Oerlikon Corporation’s order intake increased in the first quarter by one percent to CHF 763 million (756 million), order backlog dropped by 7 % to CHF 894 million (965 million) and sales decreased by 2 % to CHJF 723 million (CHF 737 million).


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