TCR Service Award bestowed

AATCC A, the American Association of Textile Colourists and Chemists and its TCR Technical Committee on Research have bestowed Gregory Walter Haggquist of Cocona Inc. with the 2013 TCR Service Award in recognition of his achievements and service to the Association

Gregory_HaggqistHaggquist is an active AATCC member and has developed two novel drying rate test methods, AATCC TM200 and TM201. These methods directly measure the drying rates of textiles by using either heat or air as the driving force, simulating the actual usage conditions for apparel or household products. Haggquist hold a BS in chemistry from the University of Connecticut and PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Nevada. He was a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellow at Kyoto University and a Norwegian Postdoctoral Fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (N). His postdoctoral work in Japan and Norway was on understanding the energy dynamics within polymeric systems used to create artificial photosynthetic systems. He then worked at the Air Force weapons laboratory on the development of a gas phase high energy laser. Following that he worked for TPL Inc., developing dielectric composites for high energy density storage. He then went to work for Lexmark International, developing composite materials used in photo-conductor drums, ink jet formulations, and novel testing equipment to elucidate performance properties of composites. In 2000, Haggquist co-founded TrapTek LLC, later called Cocona Inc., and invented several processes to produce the materials now known as Cocona technology.

Haggquist’s research has been directed at making and understanding novel composite materials with unique physical properties. His work includes not only the invention of novel materials, but also novel testing methods o allow for a greater understanding of the material properties. He lives in Boulder (USA) with his wife Amy and two children. He is an avid outdoors man who enjoys golfing, hiking, skiing, and fly fishing.

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