More Asian presence for Teijin Aramid

More Asian presence for Teijin Aramid

Teijin Aramid is an affiliate of the Japanese Teijin Ltd (Holding company with150 affiliated firms, 17’000 employees in 20 countries and annual sales of JPY 854.4 billion (End of March 2012), or around USD 9.1 billion). Teijin Aramid, headquartered in Arnheim (NL) has opened a new branch office with integrated tech centre (TCA Technical Center Asia) in Shanghai (PRC)

The new branch office takes into account the continued growth of the Twaron brand in China since its introduction in 2004. The TCA will be focused exclusively serve for Twaron, Tecnora and Tejinconex solutions, and in order to respond to customers’ requirement for local expertise and testing possibilities of new applications. The branch office will employ 21 persons and additional four in the new TCA. Customer service will be secured and TCA will also offer testing methods for the development of new solutions such as tensile tests for knitting yarn, cord fabrics and textile, protection and textile tests of bullet resistant fabrics, microscopy, yarn twist and yarn winding.

The new branch office and TCA was officially opened on April 22, 2013 with an open house and gala, as well as in presence of the deputy mayor of Xuhui District, Bao Binzhang and the deputy Dutch Consul in Shanghai, Huub Buise and Chinese customers.

Teijin Aramid’s products comprise Twaron®, Sulfron®, Teijinconex® and Technora®, all fameous for their resistance, sustainability, security, heat resistance and for their lightweight and the fibres are destined to the sectors of automotive, ballistic, marine, construction, protection clothing, optical fibres, as well as petrol and gas. The four high performance fibres are manufactured in the Netherlands and in Japan.

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