Concentration of Technical Textiles at German Jagenberg

Concentration of Technical Textiles at German Jagenberg

German Jagenberg AG (founded in 1878) is a management company with various affiliated companies in the area of machine manufacturing and Technical Textiles and is employing worldwide around 1200 people. The Technical Textile business has been recently restructured and modernised

The portfolio includes the companies Kampf, Lebbing Automation & Drives, Küsters-Zima and Küsters Calico Machinery Ltd as well as Jagenberg Paper Systems and Verseidag Coating and Composite and TAG Composites & Carpets.

The Technical Textile production is now concentrated in Krefeld (D) and warehouse and confectioning will be effected at the new logistic and application centre is now centrally located at Grefrath-Oedt (D).

The restructuration of Technical Textiles involved that the business unit Composites of TAG Composites & Carpets GmbH has been merged into Verseidag-Indutex GmbH to form a new business segment. The restructuration has taken place after a two year process and structural analysis and an investment of EUR 6 million. The commitment focused on the continuity of the textile industry in Krefeld and the ongoing enhancement of processes and achieving marked cost incentives and thus leading to a new organisational structure.

The new logistic and application centre represents a core element. On a surface of approximately 8000 m2 all warehouse and application capacities as well as shipping activities are concentrated at this facility. Central processes lead to the favourable effect of lower costs for stocking and transportation.  On top it is possible to faster fulfil customers’ requirements, a shear element for success. The investment proves also that a textile facility in Germany is able to withstand international competition.

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