Clariant is finding a new way to intrigue customers to save water and energy

Clariant is finding a new way to intrigue customers to save water and energy

As we all know, water is a resource in focus and therefore all efforts to save water, also in textile manufacturing processes, are lauded. Clariant, according to in-house information a world leader in specialty chemicals uses a new approach to intrigue customers to a sustainable freshwater management in their production processes

CLAPR626b_10551122Clariant provides a new publication titled “Each Drop Counts – chemical solutions for reduced water consumption” as a guidance to textile customers willing to join a rising global effort to address water scarcity. This is also in line with other initiatives, such as the UN “World Water Day” that has taken place onnnn March 22, 2013, The Greenpeace “Detox” Campaign, or the sector’s brands and retailers “Joint Roadmap towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals”.


Clariant developed further new ONE WAY Score Cards. They are featur4ed in the publication and on the new Clariant website, demonstrating the percentage savings in water and energy consumption, chemical usage, time, carbon dioxide-emissions and BOD/COD ratio achievable with its cutting-edge technologies compared to conventional processes. Clariant’s unique ONE WAY sustainability toolbox provides textile mills, manufacturers, brands and retailers with reliable facts and measurements to assist their selection of products and processes, all with the aim to reconcile the objectives of ecology and economy.

CLAPR626i_3581122_tnThe Score Cards ONE WAY highlight the achievable stunning savings potential: With “Advanced Denim”, an award-winning dyeing process with potential savings of 92 % in water consumption and 45 % in energy consumption compared to the traditional process. Further “SWIFT”, the continuous dyeing process for PES/CEL Blends, allowing up to 45 % less CO2 emissions and 50% less water consumption, as well as “Ultra low liquor ratio cellulosic dyeing” process, saving up to 43 % in energy and 25 % in water consumption. And last, but not least, “BLUE MAGIC” process for discontinuous treatment with savings up to 50 % of water and 40% energy as well 50 % time saving. On all of these particular processes and results TextileFuture has reported.

In May 2012 Clariant started operating the first ever sustainable effluent treatment (SET) facility for a textile operational site and the plant is located in Jamshoro, Pakistan.

For more details, please revert to the company’s website by the links below the second one will bring you directly to the ONE WAY Sustainability Service.


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