Combined ITM Texpo Eurasia 2013 is the star parade for international textile machinery

Combined ITM Texpo Eurasia 2013 is the star parade for international textile machinery



TextileFuture has reported at various occasions that Turkey has become a major compensation factor for the decrease in textile machinery demand elsewhere in the world. Turkey has an important domestic textile market and is a major exporter of textiles. The Turkish government has lately accorded new incentives to stimulate the investment spirit of Turkish textile industrialists. This fact is certainly a stimulus for reputed textile machinery producers to participate with their solutions at ITM Texpo Eurasia and parallel Hightex International Technical Textiles and Nonwovens and Istanbul Fibre Fair from May 29 – June 1, 2013 in Istanbul (TR).

We are providing you with a table in pocket size of selected textile machinery firms, and what they will be showcasing at these exhibitions, which facilitates your visit and is providing – in short – their offerings. 

The products presented at ITM  2013 and Higtex by selected producers (in alphabetical order)
Company  Hall / Booth No. Exhibits (or  Information) Website 

Andritz Group (Andritz Asselin-Thjibeau, Andritz Küsters and Andritz Perfojet) (nonwovens/ Technical Textiles)

2/204A neXline spunlace, Isoweb technology with Pro Dyn concept, neXline wetlace (integration wetlaid/hydroentanglement); teXal trike (3-roll calender with two separetely controlled system rolls)
Bonas 8/816 Si (Shed Innovator) Bonas Jacquard machine 
Dilo Group (needle looms) 10/1004 DON dosing opener; Card Feeder MultiFeed up to 5m widths, 400 kg/h/m of working widths sith 1.7 dtex fibres. “Twinflow” for a more homogenous flock mass flow; MultiCard to handle full range of fibre finess and length with web speed potential of up to 400 m/min; HL (200 m/min) and DL (160 m/min)vertical and horizontal crossslappers, with optional Webguide 
Groz-Beckert (Braiding) 12/1209 KnotMaster with power wire frame ALtopHybrid® and PosiLeno®curly yarn system, EcoStar needles for felting; Gebecon® needles for better surface properties and excellent breakage resistance; new HyTec® D Jet Strip when water spraying is needed and is complying with Spunlace nonwoven fabric machines; BordMaster systems, NeedleMaster and Board Scoot trayes; LoopControl(R) for perfect stitch. SAN (R) 10 and SAN (R) 10 XS for special applications. 
iro roj (baloon control and feeders) 8/813A New developed Luna X3; S-Flex, a further development of M-Flex for combined balloon control and brake, applicable to full range of typical weft yarms; Super Elf3 with innovative optical sensor  air- and water-jet weft feeders; Pulsar HP; Chrono X3 weft accumulator 
itema group (weaving) 8/817A Itema R9500 (220 cm/Staubli 3060) Rapier Machine for Denim; Itema R9500 (230 cm/ Staubli 3060) Rapier Machine for Shirting; Itema A95oo (280 cm/ MAF 1661) Rapier Machine for Bed Sheeting; Itema R9500 (190 cm/Bonas Si 11) Rapier Machine for Furnishing and Tapestry (presented at Bonas Booth); Itema Silver DT (360 cm/Grose EJT-4) Rapier Machine for Terry Towel (presented at Grosse Booth) 
Kaeser (compressors) / Topkapi Endustri  2/202D IE Super premium electric motor compressors; Kaeser CSD125Tdryer (screw compressor) 
Luwa (air) 2/218B Luwa Axial Flow Fan B610, developed jointly with University Siegen (D), Institute for fluid and thermodynamics, is designed for optimal aerodynamics and efficient operation
Karl Mayer (warp knitting and warp preparation) 12/1202A ML 46 multibar Raschel ,machine for high productivity. Versatility, and cost efficiency; HKS 3-M tricot machine offering verstility in production for embroidery, uphostering fabrics and net curtains 
Oerlikon Schlafhorst (at Eerler Booth) (spining) Autocoro 8  spinning machine for fibres or special applications
Picanol (weaving) 8/805 OptiMax 4-R 190 denim;Optimax 8-R 340 fancy voile
We R.Reggiani Group (digital printing) Re-Noir, the technologically advanced digital printing solucion with high productivity 
Savio (winder) 2/215A Polar/I automatic link winder at maximum level of automation of the winding process by direct link of the ring spinning frames to the winder
Van de Wiele (carpet and velvet) 8/816 Velvet Tronic VTR in plain dobby execution and VTR 23 in jacquard execution;  Smart Filling Selector; Handlook Crpet Innovator Hci X2 


Of course, the list of international exhibitors is much longer and especially in the weaving area the list entails itemagroup, Van de Wiele, Picanol, Tsudakoma, Dornier, and Panter, and technology providers such as Staubli, Bonas, CCI Tech, Iro, Roy, Groz-Beckert, Willy. All of these will exhibit in Halls 8 and 9.

The fibre technologies will be shown in Hall 2 with exhibitors, such as Murata-Muratec, Electrojet, SML, LMW, Miolhan Makine, Murata, Oerlikon Barmag/Neumag and Saurer Allma as well Saurer Volkmann, Schlafhorst, Superba, Power-Heat-Set, Starlinger, Graf, Fadis, Savio, LohiaStarlinger, Agteks, Uster, Milhan and Huzur.

In Hall 12 we will find major knitting and hosiery machine manufacturers such as Terrot, Pilotelli, Orzio, Monarch, Mayer, Keum Yong, PaiLung, Vignoni, Santoni, Lonati, Stoll, Shima Seiki, Steiger, Karl Mayer, among others.

In Hall 3 and 7 Dyeing, Printing and Finishing technology has its place with exhibitors such as Has Group/TTM Makine, Ferraro, Brückner, A. Kusters, Santex Group, Heliot, MCS, L. Bellini, Biancalani, M. Antonio, Tonello, MHM, Fongs Group, Fimat, Cibitex, Elteksmak, Arioli, Galvanin, Lawer, Canlar Group. In Hall 7 the priniting machinery manufacturers Durst, MS, Mimaki, Zimmer, Reggiani, Teknotan, Prodigital and BTC will introduce their latest products.

The HIGHTEX fair has nonwoven and Technical Textile manufacturers grouped in Hall 2 and 10, such as Oskar Dilo, Andritz, Balkan,, Lawson Hemphill, Strema, Jartek, Robotech, Mali, Korteks, Cicek Nonwoven, Eurofiber, Tepas, KTT, Nurteks, Apex, Vizoteks, Ertona, Hiltex. HIGHTEX is the biggest textile fair of Middle East and Eastern Europe and is the first in Turkey for raw materials of Technical Textiles, intermediate and final products and production technologies.

The Turkish Yarn sector is ranking as number one in Europe and among the first three in the world.  International Istanbul Yarn Fair is the second largest of the world in the finished yarn area, and there will be more than 150 exhibitors. Also fashion trends 2014-15 will have their place, as well as ecological trends. The presented yarns are made of bamboo, soy fibre to organic yarn, regenerated yarns from recycling materials to yarns manufactured by processes free from hazardous chemicals, and a large range of green products can be seen in Halls 5 and 6.

There is also a 2BFUNTEX project, where 26 countries from the EU participate and ITKB, OTA. OTI, Ege University and Oztex Textile from Turkey are participating at the International Convention on May 30-31, 2013 on the upper floor of HIGHTEX. A Techno-show with expert presentations on new functional and smart textile products will be presented by various universities, and with international participation, as well as Project Markets, where related 100 projects will be presented.

In other words, practically all areas of textile interests will be covered by the three integrated shows.


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