Pioneer in geothermal cooling technology becomes Climate Solver 2012

India GIBSS (Green India Building Systems and Services) Geothermal Cooling Technology has been recognised as sustainable solution facilitating a transition towards a low carbon future and was named Climate Solver 2012 by WWF World Wild Life Fund

UnbenanntacIt is not the first distinction GIBSS has won, because as a pioneer in geothermal cooling technology, it was also bestowed with Sankalp Award, Parivartan Award, India Africa Fellowship supported by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, and Samsung CNBC Innovation Quotient in 2012.

According to Mandar Kaprekar, Vice President Technology of GIBSS, “the award is a testimonial to our efforts to help customers switch to commercially viable geothermal cooling technology, reducing operating expenses and CO2 emissions by 50 to 60 %. In India alone, the technology is saving over 250 million litres of water annually. The innovation should be able to contri9bute to reduction of CO2 emissions by over 20 million t in the years to come”.

GIOBSS is focused on making buildings net zero energy and net zero carbon foot print through its innovative technologies in air conditioning, hot water and lighting. These innovations integrate economic, environmental and social dimensions to support easy adoption. The geothermal innovation reduces the carbon foot print substantially and is 100 % water efficient and it cuts electricity bills for air conditioni9ng by 30 to 50 % and the economic life of such systems is between 50 to 75 years.

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