Freudenberg Group on road to success

Freudenberg Group on road to further success

German family group of companies (seals, vibration control components, filters, nonwovens, products for surface treatment, release agents and specialty lubricants, medical and mechatronic products) are on road to a steady success with higher sales and more profit

For the third year in row the financial year of 2012, Freudenberg Group (37453 employees worldwide; + 2.5 %)) realised an all time high in its 160 years of history with sales of EUR 6322 million (EUR 5992 million) or a plus of 5,5 %. EBIT amounted to EUR 538 million (EUR 517 million) and consolidated profit amounted to EUR 433 million (EUR 370 million).

For 2013, the first half is considered by the management as satisfactory on the basis of a good order situation in almost all business areas under a relatively stable economic course. In the second half of the ongoing year the company expects a markedly momentum, particularly in the mechanical engineering sector. The estimation is that there will be a strong growth in China, an important market for Freudenberg, with India and Brazil taking speed and the USA will generate stable growth. Also a minimal growth will take place in the Euro Zone.

The company made various investments in medical technology and filtration technology. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies and Japan Vilene Company built a new production facility in Chendu (PRC) which began manufacturing intake air filters and cabin air filters in early 2013. NOK Freudenberg Group China moved into a new factory manufacturing simmerrings, O-rings, belts  and sheet gaskets  in Wuxi (PRC).

Freudenberg Politex Nonwovens invested EUR 20 million by adding a new spunlaid production line at is facility in Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) allowing the business group to offer the entire range of stable fibre and spunlaid roofing membranes on the growing Russian market.


EagleBurgmann founded a sales company plus service centre in Colombia. The business group complies with the requirements of the state-owned oil company Ecopetral S.A., Bogotá, Colombia, and can tender for future projects as a state authorised supplier.

In Germany, Freudenberg Sealing technologies invested three million Euros in a new mixing plant for fluorinated rubber formulations at its facility in Hamburg (D).

FreudenbergNewTechnologies_ScaffoleneFor R&D Freudenberg Group invested a total of EUR 217.2 million (EUR 205.4 million) and more than half went to Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Chemical Specialities and EagleBurgmann Business Groups. In R&D work were 2244 (2187) persons employed, thereof 1371 (1375) in Germany, the home of the parent company. Actually 27 % (26 %) of the product portfolio is less than four years old. Freudenberg created also an Idea Pool for new business ideas and this on an international level. Projects following the defined strategic research fields were launched and headway has been made with new products generated through this process, such as scaffolene (a wound dressing with integrated enzymes that accelerates healing processes) and Purtex®, a textile impregnation that – unlike fluorocarbon based impregnations – is entirely free from detrimental effects both on human health and environment.

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