Swedish clothier KappAhl beats the market trend

Swedish clothier KappAhl beats the market trend

KappAhl could increase its met sales by 2.6 % in the fiscal second quarter (end of February) and there was also an improvement of the gross margin by 3.2 percentage points and President and CEO JohnAberg locates the reason that the company has eaten the negative market trend in continued improvements of the assortment and customer offer

Net sales increased from SEK 1119 to SEK 1148 million, the operating profit was still negative, but declined from SEK -138 million to SEK 36 million. Gross profit margin increased from 51.9 to 55.1 % and operating margin, excluding non-recurring items increased from -4.9 to -3.1 %, profit after tax improved from SEK – 163 million to SEK -64 million, but the cash flow from operating activities decline from SEKK 68 million to SEK -51 million. Sales of comparable stores increased 0.3 %.


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