China supports assistance to small and micro companies

China supports assistance to small and micro companies

According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) a plan has implemented to support more than 500 guarantee (re-guarantee) institutions to provide small and micro companies such guarantee services

The plan should help to encourage small and micro enterprises to enhance quality and cost effectiveness in the framework of 2013 industrial transformation and upgrade action plan to organise and unfold projects supporting these categories of companies nationwide. There are three types of companies entitled to this plan, those focusing innovation, entrepreneurial types and employment type. It takes also into account 100 national SMEs small and medium-size enterprises in public service demonstration platforms and opening such networks.

A further focus of the guarantee services will be training around 500000 corporate management staff and 100 top corporate leaders to build-up a management consulting specialist database for SMEs and at the same enhancing small and micro enterprises. Active support is earmarked for market expansion, exhibition and exchange services for 2000 domestic and foreign enterprises. Also an online direct reporting system will be implemented to reduce administrative burdens for these companies.

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