A new Italian female fashion brand is born

A new Italian female fashion brand is born

UnbenanntabcThe new fashion brand is named SHIKI and derives from an idea and the creativity of the Daddato Group, an Apulian Company reaching from Italy to foreign markets

The new brand has all it needs to stand out as an icon of style and inspiration with its strong identity and forceful character in proposing 8 to 16 year kids and women looks. It proposes in its collections the same identical style capable of adapting to wearer personality.

The spring/summer collection 2013 comes with surprises: rock, exotic and sports traits meet till they weave and bind together by crating exclusive original garments featuring carefully designed details.

A wide range of models is proposed, made to understand all women’s feminity and sensuality: t-shirts and soft undershirts, sweatshirts and coats, all enriched with printings, studs, stones and tulles, offered in a single colour or fantsy solutions, such as military, washed or leopard finishes. In other words, Shiki produces very distinctive items, talks with a strong modern language and features an aggressive mood for any woman or girl who always wants to face today’s times.





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