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Swiss Rieter elects future new CEO

Norbert_Klapper_portrait_Press__48533Norbert Klapper(50) has been appointed by the Board of Directors of Rieter Holding to become at the latest January,2014 new CEO of Rieter Group. He succeeds Erwin Stoller who acted four years in a dual mandate of Executive Chairman and CEO

Erwin Stoller will remain Chairman. Norbert Klapper is a German citizen who graduated at Darmstadt Technical University and was Assistant Professor at Pass University and Munich Technical University where he made his PH.D. in economics.

After his studies he joined Arthur D. Little business consultants and became management partner for Production and Logistics. In 2000 he joined the Executive Bord of Dürr AG, Stuttgart (D) where he assumed 2005 the responsibility for the two internationally active divisions Servises and Fianal Assembly Systems. Then he was serving Voith, Heidenheim (D). Since 2011 he is Executive Vice President of Voith Turbo and in charge of its global railway business with an annual turnover of EUR 480 million.

According to Rieter, Klapper has accumulated widely based international experience in the machinery and plant engineering industry, as well as in markets important to the new employer.

Virgnia’s reflections

Again a person takes the helm at Rieter – as it happened in other companies – not having experience in the textile relevant areas. But of course, nowadays top notch managing persons have the capability to adapt themselves rather quickly as we have witnessed in other companies. On the Board of Rieter sits shareholder and entrepreuneur Peter Spuhler, and he is engaged in the railway business,  thus it seems obvious that he had major influenced the appointment of Norbert Klapper. It is also certain that nowadays it is not that easy to find a CEO entering the ever cyclical business of textile machinery and TextileFuture hopes that the choice made by the Rieter Board will be rewarding for the company.

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