Huntsman Textile Effects offers new textile finishes

Huntsman Textile Effects offers new textile finishes

Huntsman Textile Effects (high quality dyes and chemicals), headquartered in Singapore, and a division of  American Huntsman Corporation, has launched a new range of fluorine-free rain-repellent and stain management textile finishes marketed under the name of Phobotex®

The PHOBOTEX® range is entirely complementary to the existing range of Phobol®CP short-chain O6 fluorcarbons, sold under the Teflon® trademark. It further extends Huntsman’s comprehensive range of stain management and durable water-repellent products that are fully aligned with many industry benchmarks, including OEKO-TEX, bluesign, aligned also with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) joint roadmap and listed chemicals and substances from the Restricted Substances List (RSL).

PHOBOTEX® consists of an advanced and comprehensive range of fluorine-free hydro polymers, specifically developed to expressively protect a wide range of textile end-uses against rain and every day stains from ketchup and red wine to mud and grass.

The range includes technologies consisting of a water based repellent and stain management effects to textiles for up to 30 washes at 40° C and beyond. It also brings a softer finish as compared to other conventional technologies available today. Among the different end uses we find woven top weights and outdoor sports apparel. The new PHOBOTEX® range entails also a clever stain release effect after washing, together with quick drying properties, wicking away perspiration and enhancing the comfort level for the wearer. It is further compatible with many other effects technologies, making  it versatile for a wider range of textiles.

Fabrics treated with PHOBOTEX® can provide rain and stain protection to a wide range of applications such as outdoor rainwear and active wear, pants, career wear and to more technical fabrics such as awnings, tarpaulins, boat covers, outdoor furnishings and shower curtains, in short the new range is the most comprehensive fluorine-free durable rain protection and stain management product available on today’s market!

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