The best European Retail Brands

The best European Retail Brands

Interbrand has published the latest survey results for the best European Retail Brands for Germany, Great Britain and France

In Germany we find top ranking superbrands of Aldi (brand value USD 2924 million, followed by competitor Lidl (USD 1524 million), then Edeka (USD 1508 million), Media Markt (USD1296 million), Kaufland (USD 551 million) , dm (USD 485 million), Rewe (USD 459 million), OBI (USD 283 million), Netto (USD 262 million) and new to the list is Douglas (USD 238 million with predominantly Perfumes and Beauty Products).

In the list of Great Britain, we find in rank 2 (after superbrand chain Tesco; brand value USD 10810 million)) Marks & Spencer department store (USD 6550 million) then Boots (USD 3295 million with drugs and prescriptions, etc.), Asda (USD 1674 million, supermarkets). In rank 5 we find Next (1370), Sainsbury’s (USD 1062 million, department store). Then Argos (USD 805 million), Waitrose (USD 429 million, asos (USD 416 million, new), B&Q (USD 405 million, new) John Lewis (USD 314 million, new), Debenhams (USD 303 million), The Body Shop (USD 299 million, new), Primark (USD 171 million , new).

The list of France entails Carrefour (USD 10264 million), Auchan (USD 3449), Leroy Merlin (USD 1999 million), Sephora (USD 1786 million), L’Occitane (USD 1594 million), Conforama (USD 1070 million), Decathlon (USD 990 million), Darty (USD 673 million), Fnac (USD 503 million), Casino (USD 484 million).

As we can see only a few names are there also engaged in textiles.

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