An economic Brazilian flash

An economic  Brazilian flash

Brazil is subject of a new OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and was lauded by OECD Secretary Gerneral, Angel Gurria, “for its efforts to fight poverty, reduce income inequality and strengthen social cohesion and providing valuable policy insights for other countries”

Obviously, Brazil’s regional disparities remain high by OECD standards, although they have been falling over the past 15 years thanks to faster GDP Gross Domestic Product per capita growth in some of the poorer states. Average GDP per capita varies widely across Brazil, from just 46 % of the national average in the Northeast region, to 34 % above the average in the Southeast. In predominantly urban regions of Brazil the GDP growth rate between 1995 to 2007amounted to 1.58 %, whereas the OECD average settled at 1.93 %. The intermediate of both is 3.14 % for Brazil and 1.88 % for OECD states and in predominantly rural areas the figure for growth and Brazil is 4.64 % and 2.3 % for the OECD members.

The full report can be ordered via the link below.

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