70000 German engineering jobs unmanned

70000 German engineering jobs unmanned

 The VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (over 150000 members and 12000 honorary experts), the umbrella organisation of German Engineers, reports by February 2013 69600 engineering job opportunities unmanned, a plus of 3 % against January

50 % of the job opportunities available were in the sectors of machinery and vehicle techniques (20800) and energy and electro technology (15600). But there were also 26045 jobless persons in engineering professions, a drop of one percent against January 2013. To each jobless engineer there are 2.7 job opportunities available in the fields of machinery and vehicle technologies the jobless affronts 5.9 openings and in the energy and electro technology 4.7 opportunities.

According to Hans-Peter Klös (IW managing director) the German industries are getting more optimistic and are hiring more people in 2013 and this is particularly true for export oriented firms in the engineering sectors. It is noteworthy that the intensive courting of student candidates in the engineering faculties is showing its effect in growing numbers of students and the working perspectives for engineers in Germany remain excellent, VDI director Dr. Willi Fuchs affirms.


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