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Worth Reading

Swiss Rieter launches new customer training brochure

Swiss Rieter (Spinning Systems and prime components) has just launched its 2013 Customer Training brochure.

Among the training course offered there is a new on structure, organised according to the process stages fibre preparation, spinning preparation and end spinning and also a section for individual training is included.

The Rieter Training Centre in Winterthur (CH) consists of top equipped training rooms from the blow room through to the end spinning machines, thus providing an optimal environment for customer training. Rieter has a five member instructor team with many years of experience in the textile industry. The Rieter courses exist around 25 years and more than 5000 worldwide participants have made use of it up to now. It is a given fact that around six months following the Rieter training courses, 80 to 90 percent of the participants confirm that they are profiting from the newly acquired knowledge in their daily work and that the economic benefit for the company is visible.

The brochure and an application form can be downloaded from the website addresses indicated below.




New publication on Agrotextiles launched


agrotex13-coverBritish Textile Media Services have just launched a new publication: Agrotextiles: A growing landscape with huge potential (ISBN 978-0-9573-6162-1, March 2013), written by Geoff Fisher and expanding over more than 100 pages and over 20 tables and profiles around 90 leading suppliers of agrotextiles

The new publication – commercially available – provides a unique overview of woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics and other textiles used in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, floriculture and landscape gardening, as well as in fishing and aquaculture. These include fabrics for livestock protection, shading, weed and insect control, and for extending the growing season of plants and crops.

Agrotextiles represents one of the smaller categories of technical textiles, with consumption accounting for around 8.2 % by volume and 6.4 % by value of the global technical textile market in 2010. The sector is among those with the strongest growth estimates based on the projected increase in global population and the demand for higher quality food. Growth rates for developing countries, such as India, China and Brazil are projected at 8 to 10 percent annually.

The report gives further an overview of the global market for agrotextiles, the fields of use of textile materials used in the agriculture and fishing sectors, indicating market drivers and latest developments in the main application areas.

Further information can be had from the website below.


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