Chinese 2012-13 foreign trade and investment

Chinese 2012-13 foreign trade and investment

Chinese exports grew in 2012 by 7.9 % and exports by 4.3 % generating a trade surplus of USD 231.1 billion

In the first two months of 2013, exports grew by 24.6 % and imports by 5.0 %. The resulting trade surplus amounted to USD 44,1 billion. However the share of export-processing trade is declining in recent years. Export-processing trade accounted for 51 % of China’s total exports in 2007, but it dropped to 42 %in 2012, even exports of processing trade grew by 3.3 % and imports by 2.4 %.



Source: HKTDC

Last year’s exports of machinery, electrical and electronic products grew by 8.7 % and exports of garments increased by 3.9 % and footwear by 12.2 %. In the first two months of the ongoing year the export of garments increased by 35.3 % and footwear by 49.0 %.

2012 the exports of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) increased by 2.8 %, accounting for 50 % of China’s total exports, and imports were up 0.8 %, representing 48 % of China’s total imports.

By the end of 2012, China approved a cumulative of 763278 foreign investment projects with actual utilised overseas FDI amounting to USD 1276 billion and the major sources of investment included Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, the US, South Korea, Great Britain and Germany.  

FDI’s from China in 2011 and in overseas markets amounted to USD 74.7 billion (+8.5 %) and thereof non-financial sectors grew by 14.0 % to USD 68.6 billion. Business services (investment holdings) wholesale and retail, mining and manufacturing were the leading investment areas.

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