DyStar with solid indigo market share

DyStar with solid indigo market share

DyStar – the colouration specialist for the textile and leather industries – claims a very successful 2012 indigo business with a worldwide market share (in value terms) of 30 %. There was marked growth in the Asian markets of China, India and Pakistan

The DyStar Indigo VAT 40 % solution was launched in 2004 and customers benefitted with the dyeing operations becoming, leaner, cleaner, with lower load according to Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) procedures. DyStar continues to give technical support and to further optimise the customers’ costs. Also discussions with brands and retailers became easier because of the common factor of DyStar Indigo Vat 40 %, confirms Thorsten Huels, DyStar’s Marketing Manager Denim.

Local support is complemented by the global team in Ludwigshafen (D) and their development partners, all geared to offer best and most innovative solutions to its customers and by creating a DyStar best-practice network.


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