Oerlikon Group and Textiles more profitable

Oerlikon Group and Textiles more profitable

Swiss Oerlikon Group has improved 2012 profitability with an EBIT margin of 14.5 % (11.6 %) or CHF 421 million (excluding the sale of property in Arbon the margin is still 13.2 %) and this is the merit of the Divisions Textile, Drive Systems and Coating segments. The Groups total sales amounted to CHF 2.9 billion (+ 6.4 %), order intake to CHF 2.8 billion (-2.6 %)

We are putting the focus on Oerlikon Textile. The division realised the largest increase in sales (+21.3 %) within the group. Order intake grew by 2.5 % (in the fourth quarter +5.4 %) to CHF 1039 million (CHF 1014 million) however – as expected – order backlog dropped by 10.5 % or from CHF 673 million to CHF 602 million. The EBIT margin was more than doubled from 8.0 % to 17.0 % (in the fourth quarter it amounted to 14.2 % (7.2 %) and the total EBIT amounted to CHF 186 million (CHF 73 million) and in the fourth quarter it was at CHF 37 million (CHF 18 million).

This excellent result derives from the strong demand for innovative products in the high-performing manmade fibre business. Strong demand was registered from China (+31.0 %) and Asia covers 76 % of total sales but also sales in Europe increased by 41 %, followed by India with + 21 %.  Due to the announced separation from the Natural Fibres and Textile Components Units the segment expects a lower reported profitability compared to 2012 and a stable operating margin.



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