Head of U.S. Consumer Product Health and Safety Organisation quits

 The Chairman of CPSC, the US Consumer Product and Safty Commission, Inez Tenenbaum is not seeking renomination. She headed the foremost significant transformations in the agency’s history and formed one of the leading safety agencies in the world. She took the helm in July 2009 and her priorities and philosophy were making education and advocacy, being firm, but fair, in enforcing safety laws and working to keep unsafe products out of the hands of consumers.

Inez Tenenbaum will not seek renomination when her term expires in October 2013. In an address at the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organisation meeting on February 28, 2013 she stated: “I plan to stay on as Chairman until my successor is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, so that I can be sure that the CPSC is in safe hands. It has been my great privilege to serve as Chairman of CPSC, and the best part of my experience has been working with the many talented, dedicated professionals at the agency.”

In October 2010 Tenenbaum announced a new five-year strategic plan (2011-16) setting forth a twenty-first century mission and vision for CPSC. The strategic plan has made CPS more procactive, focused on injury prevention, and moved the agency closer to being the recognised global leader in consumer product safety.



Board changes at Swiss Oerlikon Corporation

At the annual general meeting of Oerlikon Corporation of April 30, 2013, two members of the board do not stand for re-election.

The two members of the board are Reyad Fezzani and Wolfgang Tölsner.






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