Swiss Rieter offers new modular air-jet spinning machine

Swiss Rieter offers new modular air-jet spinning machine

Swiss Rieter has further enhanced it s air-jet spinning machine and offers now up to 130 highly productive spinning units in on machine the J 20 Air-Jet Spinning machine and it can be equipped with independently operating sides on one machine and more




The two independent operating sides in one and optimised machine, with two different yarn qualities being spun at the same time offers the new alternative. All provides maximum yarn quality, productivity and flexibility. The improved yarn quality also results in a lower number of quality cuts and reduces natural ends. Together with the reliable robots of the J 20 Air Jet spinning Machine there is resulting far greater production efficiency and thus a higher yarn production and productivity.

Another aspect is the length of the J 20 by one section to a total of 120 highly productive spinning positions and finally the machine became the longest air-spinning machine in the world. Four robots, two on each side, ensure the maximum production efficiency. The option of separate sides makes the J 20 more flexible and two different yarn qualities can be produced simultaneously.


For more technical details, please refer to the website link below.

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