KappAhl expands its trousers business

KappAhl expands its trousers business

Selling trousers is a top domain of Swedish fashion chain KappAhl (380’ Stores and around 4900 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Czech Republic has set the target to increase its market share and focused on women in the 30 to 50 age group with families

Already in 2012 KappAhl sold seven million pairs of trousers (+10 %) offering excellent comfort and fit, and all based on customers’ requirements and therefore in a broad range of sizes from very small to large. KappAhl ‘s customers will see a special spring collection  of jeans and different models of trousers and in cheerful colours and for summer times shorts will dominate the wardrobe. All trousers sold by the company are produced in compliance with strict chemical regulations and flame retardants, antibacterial and antifungal agents are prohibited.


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