Creation of an international textile and clothing platform

Creation of an international textile and clothing platform

The European Textile and Clothing Industry represented by the umbrella organisation EURATEX, Brussels (B) will be creating an international non profit association named “European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing” (Textile ETP), jointly with European textile research and technology organisations (TEXTRANET)  European textile universities (AUTEX)

According to the President of EURATEX, Alberto Paccanelli is the formation of the new instrument an important signal for the European authorities and European companies. It is also the confirmation that the EU Textile and Clothing industry, one of the major European industry sector, wants to retain its position as world leader both in fashion and technical applications. Thanks to better coordination of research and innovation it corresponds with the market needs. The industry will continue to invest in creative and high value added products, deploy innovative and resource efficient technologies and explore new business models. Textile ETP will provide practical support through networking, access to funding and expertise at European level.

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