Debut for a new line of women’s clothing made in New York City

Debut for a new line of women’s clothing made in New York City

Bella Linea is a New York City (USA) based, high-end women’s wear brand, offering formal and every day wear for the modern women. It debuts now with a new line of women’s clothing designed, manufactured and supplied in New York

The brand’s line of career and evening war is designed to flatter and shape the real American woman. Each Bella Linea garment is constructed with a build-in shaping liner to smooth the waistline and create a feminine shape. The inner liner is constructed using specialty, breathable fabric that constricts where needed on the body.

The collection aims to support New York’s fashion economy. Bella Linea founders believe in the importance of promoting and preserving New York’s rich heritage in the fashion industry. Co-founder, Stephanie Reilly, a fresh-on-the-scene fashion designer and recent Fashion Institute of Technology graduate has resided in New York City for the past three years after expanding her Southern California jewellery business.

In addition, Co-founder and investor, Gina Ciafone has helped to support New York businesses for over 20 years, providing more than 500 jobs in Brooklyn through Broadway Stages, one of New York City’s largest full-service film & television and music video production facilities. After working together at Broadway Stages, Reilly and Ciafone decided to collaborate on a new clothing line for the woman who always wants to look move-ready.

The duo is passionate about supporting empowered women through their wardrobe and Ciafone stated: A Bella Linea dress will be the go to piece in any woman’s closet because it flatters and supports the body in ways regular clothing does not. And Stephanie Reilly added: We can make beautiful clothes here in America. Luxury consumers are getting bored. They are looking for an incentive to shop. What better way to entice a busy career woman the offering her something made in New York and inspired by the city. Yes, women in other places will wear Bella Linea but it will be because of the hip, New York vibe woven throughout the collection.

The Bella Linea line offers eveningwear appropriate for any occasion from Los Angeles to Paris, inspired by the day-to-evening dilemma of the working woman, and practical cocktail dresses and suiting are the foundation of this capsule collection. The Bella Linea woman always looks sophisticated, taken care of and has a little hint of trendy. The debut of the line took place at an exclusive presentation on February 6, 2013 at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City.

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