Lenzing constructs a jumbo TENCEL production line

Lenzing constructs a jumbo TENCEL production line

With an investment of EUR 130 million and a provided 24 months construction time the new Lenzing fibre plant in Lenzing (A) will have a an annual capacity of  64000 tonnes and it should be operational in 2014

In addition to the specialty fibres Lenzing Modal® and Lenzing FR® also TENCEL® will be produced. Tencel(r) is actually produced only at the sites in Heiligenkreuz (A), Grimsby (GB) and Mobile (USA). The new production site is earmarked as the central location for the Lenzing Group’s specialty fibres. The attractive energy cost resulting from the onsite energy generation, the skilled workforce, and proximity to Lenzing’s central research facilities (including the TENCEL® pilot plant) these were the decisive factors for expanding strategic operations in Lenzing.

new-tencel-R-jumboline-35The capacity extension will support growing demand for TENCEL® in many new textile and apparel applications. For the time being, denim designer are betting on TENCEL®, because jeans with TENCEL® are attractive, durable, and become immediate favourites due to their enhanced comfort. TENCEL®’s smooth fibre surface and perfect moisture management turn jeans into clothing which enhance physical well-being. Due to its high tenacity, TENCEL® resists mechanical stress of the denim production process like no other man-made fibre. Depending on the percentage of TENCEL® in the blend, the creation of authentic to softer denim qualities is possible.

Lenzing develops constantly new application. The optimal moisture management of the TENCEL® fibres recommends the for use in high quality home textiles  such as bed covers and linens as well as in sports- and outerwear, and Technical Textiles.


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